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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

By Cassie Ly

As the new movie adaption is released, this blog post is an opinion piece to explore the abstract theories of the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

This blog will explore popular questions regarding the movie.

  1. Did Coriolanus Snow truly love Lucy Gray Baird?

This remains controversial to many fans. However, the audience must be aware that withoout Snow's internal monologue in the movie, it is more difficult to interpret what he was feeling in the moment. In the book, Snow sees Lucy Gray as more of someone he can control -- his possession. There is a hint of dehumanization in his thoughts, as he says, "I didn't see her as belonging in the zoo." This proves that there is a high probability he viewed her as nothing more than a spectacle for the games. However, he also mentions how he loved her. He felt his heart beat every time she looked at him and truly wanted her to survive in that arena. In the movie, he risks his life for her endless times by sneaking her handkerchief into the snake tank and giving her rat poison in his mother's compact. This shows he definitely cared about her as he was risking his power and chance at the Plynth prize with these acts. However, this leads to the question: Was it obsession or love?

In my opnion, Snow truly loved Lucy Gray, but he loved money and power more. He did care for her, but when the opportunity arose to return to the capital and regain his status, he simply could not resist. His power was more important to him than love.

2. Why did Snow betray Sejanus?

Many people are probably wondering: How could Snow betray his best friend?

Snow decides to turn Sejanus in to not be affiliated with the rebellion as he plans on returning to the capital. However, the recording he sends in captures the attention of Dr. Gaul. We see that Snow is desperate to return to the capital and eager to leave District 12. Sejanus is plotting with Billy Taupe (Lucy Gray's ex) and a few other rebels to escape North of Panem. In order to avoid being associated with this rebellion, Snow secretly records Sejanus's plan using jabberjays which are sent back to Dr. Gaul.

3) What happened to Lucy Gray Baird at the end?

Now the movie as well as the bookleaves us with an abstract ending. In the movie, we see Lucy Gray run away in the forest while Snow shoots at her. We see her fall and as Snow approaches where she had been, she suddenly dissapears without a trace. The end of the book does not explicitly state whether she has died or not. Suzanne Collins leaves this up to the interpretation of the readers.

I believe that Snow shooting Lucy Gray was a hallucination from the snake bite. Just a few seconds prior, we see him get bit by a snake in the forest under the scarf Lucy Gray left for him. The snake's venom may have caused him to hallucinate if she was truly there. However, the ending is left open to different interpretations and whether not Lucy Gray remains alive remains a mystery.


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